Management Consultancy

  • Advising on drafting standard operating procedures (SOP) & assisting in drafting employee manuals, accounting manuals etc.;
  • Assisting in devising / upgrading accounting systems & policies to be in line / conformity with the fast changing laws applicable to the organisation and the Accounting GAAPs;
  • Assisting in devising / upgrading / assessing the internal controls in conformity with organization’s Delegation of Authority (DOA) & applicable laws for effective control & risk mitigation;
  • Devising systems & assisting in imparting client specific trainings for regularly upgrading the knowledge & skills of their finance & accounting teams;
  • Assistance in defining client specific parameters for HR search for F&A departments of the organisation. Assisting in short listing the prospective candidates;
  • Handling due diligence assignments, preparing feasibility study & project reports for financing options and investment opportunities;
  • Assisting & advising on framing legal agreements, MOUs and legal documentation, deeds, assignments etc.