Methodology - Advisory

Conceptualization & Planning phase:
  • Obtaining preliminary client information and nature of their business
  • Ascertaining the statutes, rules and regulations governing the assignment…..
  • Risk assessement
  • Assess the time involved
  • Due date of deliverables of draft/interim report & followed by the final report
  • Staff allocation based on skill set required and volume/nature of work involved
Execution phase:
  • Information review
  • Previous report / filing review
  • Completeness of information checks
  • Detailed transaction checks
Reviewing & Summarizing:
  • Periodically reviewing the various observations / results
  • Summarizing the pending requirements and test results for discussion with the Client
  • Review follow-ups and conclude results
  • Draft results / report as per regulatory framework / client engagement-scope for discussion
  • Issuing final result / report