Prasad Azad & Co.

Prasad Azad & Co. has a long tradition of providing the highest quality services to its clients.

We have been providing professional services to our clients for more than six decades. Our quality standards, professionalism and personal attention allow us to add value to our clients and constantly exceed their expectations, best suited to the current dynamics of doing business in India.

The Firm provides a wide range of Audit & Assurance services, Management Consultancy, Tax Advisory & Regulatory Compliance Services and Outsourcing service models to its clients.

Strong & steady growth of the firm over decades has been derived primarily due to our dedication & sustained commitment to quality, references given by our large client base and perceived value addition by overseas clients.

Prasad Azad & Co. works diligently towards the faithful discharge of all implicit & explicit responsibilities to its multiple service recipients, be it clients, management, staff, the Regulators or the end user Society at large.

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